As the sun rises in August, most beach towels are the same, but some have a few differences.

    And you’ll need to take advantage of these little quirks to get a more comfortable experience.

    Read moreAt least three towels have a different pattern on the outside.

    Some come in various shades of green, white and blue.

    Other come in a white or dark grey color.

    The pattern varies, too.

    The white or gray towel is a classic, and you can find it in many bathtubs.

    The green towel, on the other hand, is a bit more colorful.

    There are two shades of the green, one lighter and one darker.

    The lighter shade has a little more oomph, while the darker shade is softer.

    In the pictures below, we have a light green towel with white or grey stripes.

    The dark grey towel has a pattern that’s slightly different from the other two.

    And it’s the one that you’ll want to be aware of.

    It’s actually a dark blue towel, with dark green stripes, and it’s very popular in some of the most popular bathtub colors.

    The grey towel also comes in a dark green, but it’s slightly lighter than the light green.

    And the dark blue comes in lighter and darker shades.

    The brown and black towel has the same pattern, but the dark brown has a different color.

    And because it’s so different from all the other towels, it’s often a bit hard to tell.

    The black and white towel is the most widely used, so you can be sure that it will work for your bath.

    The brown and white are also used by many people, but they’re usually a little lighter.

    The red and white, however, have the same basic pattern, except that the red is more red and the white is more white.

    This is the towel that you will want to take care of.

    The light brown and the dark green have a pattern on each side, and the lighter shade is a little less oomp, while that shade is very soft.


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