A water treatment plant in a suburb of Sydney has produced a new water-soaked bathing suit for the first time.

    Key points:The product is called Tankini bathing suit and it’s made in ChinaA new version of the product, Tankini Aqua, was tested in the United States earlier this yearThe product was tested to help people avoid infections in the wake of a major coronavirus outbreakTankini is Australia’s biggest water treatment company and has been in business since the 19th century.

    It was developed by its Chinese subsidiary in partnership with the American company Aquasol.

    The tankini suit has a polyurethane material and is made of a combination of polypropylene and polypropyl alcohol.

    It is not water-based, which means it can be used in water-filled containers.

    It’s a new product that has been tested in Australia earlier this month, and the company says it’s not the first water-resistant product.

    “We were very pleased with the test results,” Tankini chief executive Chris Chua said.

    “The tankinis in the US and Europe are all very water-repellent.”

    But they are also quite expensive.

    “He said Tankini would be developing a new version to help those who might have trouble in terms of avoiding waterborne infections.”

    When we are dealing with a water-borne infection, we don’t want to leave our patients with water-related problems,” he said.

    The company has also produced a bath suit that was tested for its effectiveness against the coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2 and COTS.

    The test was conducted on patients in a Sydney hospital.”

    It’s not a water repellent.

    It’s not going to kill you.

    It doesn’t have any protection from the bacteria that can be found in the water,” Mr Chua explained.”

    If you get a temperature drop, it’s going to be a bit more water-soluble, but it’s still water-resistant.

    “Mr Chua says Tankini has tested for three different coronaviral strains and tested them all to see if the suit was effective.”

    I think we have the best water-protection of any water-containing product that we can make,” he told AAP.”

    All we need to do is test it and see if it works.

    “In the US, the new version is available for $399 from the Aquasole website, but in Australia it costs $499.

    The Tankini product has a range of different options, including a waterproof vest and a waterproof jacket.

    In the United Kingdom, the product is currently available for purchase through Amazon.


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