The Google Glass wearable devices that are set to hit the market later this year are expected to be more compact and less bulky than the wearable that was released earlier this year.

    The new Google Glass is being developed by a company called Google Glass Project, which is also known as Google Glass.

    The company says the new Glass is lighter and thinner than the Google Glass that was announced earlier this month.

    The device is expected to run Android and will have a battery that’s twice the size of the Google glass that was unveiled earlier this week.

    However, the Google glasses will be compatible with existing Glasses, so you won’t have to spend any more money to get one.

    The Google glasses, which are going to be available starting in February, will be able to recognize and track users’ facial expressions and movements.

    Google Glass will also have its own camera that will be used to take a picture of your face and post it on the internet for others to see.

    Google will also be able create and share a new set of smart glasses, called the Glass Lens, which will be similar to the way it creates the Google camera on your phone.

    These glasses will have some features that are unique to Glass, such as being able to make and receive phone calls and use Google Now, which allows you to keep tabs on your activities in real time.

    However the Google Lens is expected get some updates to its software over the coming months.

    One of the biggest changes will be the new smart glasses that Google Glass project is working on.

    These smart glasses will look similar to what Google Glass has been selling for the last few years, with a similar design.

    However this will be a very small, lightweight, and very stylish set of glasses.

    There will also likely be more of them coming down the line.

    It is not clear how much Google Glass, the new wearable that will go on sale later this month, will cost, but the company is promising that it will be cheaper than Google Glass itself.


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