The UK’s largest online retailer has unveiled a new range of bath and showers for sale that includes a range of towels and bath mats, along with the biggest of the bunch, a $150 bathmat with a 100-degree water temperature range.

    The UK’s Best Bathmat with 100-degrees of water temperature, is a £150 kit from the retailer.

    It’s available in three sizes: 3XL, 5XL and 6XL, and comes in a variety of colours, shapes and designs.

    It is made of premium leather and features a removable strap, which can be attached to the inside of the bath mat for a more secure fit.

    The product also has a wide range of other accessories for the mat, including a hose, a towel-studded towel and a towel holder.

    The range also comes with a range with a 10-year guarantee, a free 12-month trial of Best Bath Mat Plus, and a £5 discount on all other bathmat-related items.

    The product was announced by the UK’s best bathmat seller Hollister, which launched a range earlier this year, featuring products like its popular “Slim Fit” bathmat, the £100 Hormel Flexi bathmat and its new “Bathmat Plus” range.

    The new range is part of the retailer’s wider efforts to compete with brands like Amazon and Amazon Prime, and is part a wider trend to bring more products from smaller brands to the retailer, like Hormell’s $40 Hormen Premium Bathmat and Amazon’s $35 Amazon Prime 30 bathmat.

    The Best Bath mat with a 20-degree range, available in 3XL and 5XL sizes, is the largest range to hit the UK since the retailer launched its own range in October.

    It features a 90-degree wash, and can be used for washing or styling your own home, as well as for the most basic of tasks like making your own bath or shower mat.

    The £100 Premium Bath Mat with a 15-degree wide wash, which comes in 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch sizes, also has features like an adjustable hose, and also comes in three different colour options, with a variety in styles.

    It also has the widest selection of accessories, including the hose holder, the towel holder and a new towel holder, which is an adjustable strap that can be placed on the inside.

    The 3XL model features a hose attachment point, and has a 20° wash.

    The 5XL model comes with the same hose attachment as the 3XL one, but also features a 10° wash, with three different colours, plus a removable towel holder that can attach to the outside of the mat for added comfort.

    The 6XL model also has three different wash options, including 50-degree, 70-degree and 80-degree.

    Hollister said it is the first time the brand has launched its range of products in the UK, with the £150 bath mat and £100 shower mat also coming in the market in September.

    “We are delighted to be able to introduce our Bathmat Plus range, a range that is designed to complement our other Bathmat products,” said Horming said.

    “This range will give our customers the best of both worlds, a great range of accessories and a great price.

    We hope customers will enjoy using our range, and we look forward to working with them to help them enjoy it as much as we do.”


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