By now, you’re probably familiar with The Big Bad, Sheldon Cooper, as Sheldon’s friend, Sheldon.

    But what if Sheldon was the best friend of the Big Bad?

    Is there any evidence of this?

    The Big Bosses are the ultimate Big Bad. 

    There are plenty of theories about what they are, and how they function, but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the most popular one: The Big BOSS. 

    The Big Boss is a character in the popular show Community, who has been in all eight seasons of the show.

    He is played by the actor and former cast member Adam Scott, and is also the primary antagonist of the series. 

    He is a ruthless, manipulative, and manipulative villain who is the primary reason the Big Bang was destroyed. 

    Community is an animated sitcom created by Dan Harmon, who is a fan of the original series, as well as Harmon himself.

    In the show, the main character, Dan Harmon (who is also also known for his comedy writing credits on Arrested Development, The Office, and Community), is the creator of the computer-animated show.

    In Season 3, he and the rest of the writers worked to come up with a new storyline for the show that had a new villain, the Big Boss. 

    In the new storyline, the new villain is actually a version of the villain of the old Big Bang, Sheldon, played by Jonathan Banks.

    The main difference between the old and new Big Boss, however, is that the new Boss is much less ruthless. 

    Instead of being an enemy of humanity, the Boss is actually the protagonist of the new series, one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

    In addition to destroying everything in his path, he also has a number of other enemies, some of which he has made his own. 

    Although it’s been almost a decade since the finale of Community, fans still remember how the series ended. 

    This is not to say that the show was perfect. 

    Season 8 was the last season of the first season of Community.

    However, it was still one of my favorite seasons of Community ever.

    The writers and actors made sure to keep the series fresh and fun. 

    With so many of the characters still around, fans got to see a new Big Bad each season. 

    Even though The Big Big Boss died in Season 9, fans were able to see more of the character, including an appearance by the cast of Community’s third season.

    While the show has been on hiatus for the last four years, the series has made it back up for a third season and, after many delays, will return on April 24. 

    So, what did the writers and cast think of the concept? 

    The new Big Big boss was introduced in Season 3 and, as the show progressed, it evolved into more of a villain.

    In season 5, the writers explored the idea of creating a villain with multiple personalities.

    In that sense, the concept of a Big Boss was born. 

    However, the plot was not always as clear as it could have been. 

    While there was a possibility of the Boss killing the character Sheldon, there was also a possibility that the Boss killed the character of the same name. 

    For the most part, the idea worked out. 

    When the writers came up with the Big Big Boss in Season 8, they realized that, in order to make the Big Bork even more threatening, they had to do more than simply destroy everything in front of him.

    The Big Bro, in the show’s world, would have to be an omnipotent being, capable of controlling all things. 

    It was a bold move for the writers to attempt a character with such an omnipotence. 

    But, there were some problems with the idea. 

    First, Sheldon’s nemesis is called the Big Bro.

    This was a confusing name for a villain, as it referred to the villain who killed Sheldon’s mother, a character that was not in the writers’ original plan. 

    Secondly, the villains in the story needed to be in sync.

    The character of Big Boss had multiple personalities, which could be confusing for viewers. 

    And, finally, the show could not have a Big Bro without having a villain who was the Big Brother. 

    Despite these hurdles, the creators of The Office successfully pitched the idea to NBC. 

    Now, that would seem like a big achievement, but in reality, the network rejected the idea in favor of other ideas. 

    As a result, NBC’s new series was cancelled after one season.

    But, as The Big Office fans know, this is not the end of the story. 

    We have many more episodes in the works for the series, and we’ll keep you posted as more episodes come out.


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