A couple of years ago, the Japanese internet was abuzz with rumors that the country’s bath houses were about to get a makeover, and it was only a matter of time before a similar trend took hold in the United States.

    But according to a survey conducted by The Japan Times in late April, it’s actually a little different here in the States.

    In the survey, over half of Americans surveyed said they have never visited a Japanese bath, and only about 5% of Americans have even heard of bathhouses in Japan.

    While this isn’t surprising to those who have followed the Japanese bath industry for a while, a recent survey also found that Americans have a higher rate of health issues than Japanese Americans, with an alarming rate of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

    And it’s not just that people in Japan are just a lot more likely to experience these conditions than Americans, but that they also have more health issues in general.

    In fact, the survey found that while the rates of depression and anxiety among Japanese Americans are similar to American populations, Americans are more likely than Japanese to have experienced a mental health problem in the past year.

    But in a country where we’ve had plenty of Japanese bathhouses to enjoy, a pink bathhouse might not be the worst idea.

    For starters, the pink bathhouses can often be found in Japanese cities, which may help make it a little easier for people to enjoy them.

    They’re also usually free, so people can go for a little shopping and just get to know the area.

    And unlike other bathhouses, which can be messy and hard to clean up, pink bathtubs are usually very well-maintained, with a clean and organized bathroom.

    It’s worth noting that there are also a few other advantages to visiting a pink tub: pink bath tubs usually have fewer stains, which means less chances for bacteria to contaminate your bath.

    And pink tubs are often easier to find, especially if you live in the areas where there are lots of them.

    But for the sake of everyone who lives in Japan, we decided to try our hand at making our own pink bathtub and see if we could come up with a great Japanese bathtub review.

    The pink bath with a pink interiorHere’s the pink tub we were thinking of when we saw pink bath tubs in Japanese markets.

    The tub was a pink one, with no stains or other signs of wear.

    We chose to do this because the tub is typically made from PVC, which is more absorbent than other materials.

    PVC is used in the bath, so the tub has been professionally treated to prevent the stain from becoming a problem.

    The tumb also has a plastic lid that is designed to prevent leakage and to protect against any water getting in.

    The pink bath can be very versatile.

    You can use it to make the bath feel like you’re having a bath in a pink house, or you can use the pink to decorate a bath or shower.

    The bathroom is just as colorful as the bath.


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