Burberry recently released a new bathing suit collection, with a variety of styles and colors, but a favorite one that they’re always talking about is their “black” style.

    Burberry’s black style has been in production for years and is now a staple in the brand’s portfolio, and the company has been promoting it to new customers all summer long.

    The brand is using the trend as a way to promote the new collection. 

    Black suits, especially the black ones, are an integral part of Burberrys brand, and they’re not just for the guys.

    “We’re always thinking about the brand and the lifestyle, the way it looks, the feel, and how it’s worn,” said Burberry marketing director Kate Henn.

    “Black suits are one of the key pieces in the Burberry brand’s identity.”

    In addition to the Burberries “black style” bathing suits, the brand is releasing two other black suits: the Black Cat and the Black Queen.

    Both of these suits feature a hooded front and are made from a special blend of cotton and rayon. Black Cat is also a black suit, but it’s made from cotton instead of rayon, and it’s a slightly different shade of black.

    It’s available now in three colorways: black, black, and black.

    Black Queen is a white suit made from black, cotton, and rayons.

    It is available now for $220.

    Burrells Black Friday Sales The Burrell store is offering discounts on Burberry products all weekend long.

    Burrll is offering a 10% discount on Burrell clothing and accessories on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    “It’s the perfect opportunity for customers to shop and get the best deals,” said Angela Sotillo, Burrell’s senior vice president of merchandising and consumer relations.

    “Burrells team of designers, designers, and designers are constantly pushing our products and services to the next level.

    It shows in our customer service, and we’re constantly working to keep our customers happy.” 

    The Black Friday sales will begin on Friday, November 1, at 11 a.m.


    “This year, Burberry has made a commitment to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible, with special promotions like Black Friday,” said Henn in a statement. 

     For more Burrell news, check out the Burrell Facebook page.


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