Shower heads have a new source of energy in the bath.

    The bath crayon is now available in stores and online.

    Its creators, Aydin Bar-Zilai and Yair Rabin, say that it uses the power of your hands to produce a chemical bath that is clean, disinfected and smells like an old bathtub.

    The products are called cleansing feet and are available in a variety of colours.

    The makers claim that the crayoons are so effective that the water that is absorbed by the skin and is used to clean the feet becomes the perfect cleaning agent for your feet.

    Bar-Zeilai explained that their crayoon products are designed to be used daily to cleanse the feet of dust and dirt.

    Bar Zilai, who is currently a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, says that he is passionate about cleanliness and health.

    “I want to be part of the future and be able to make this world cleaner,” he said.

    The crayony makers are also offering other cleaning products.

    The company is selling two different cleansers: the ‘Bath Crayon’ cleanses the feet using a chemical and it is a sponge, making it perfect for scrubbing the feet with a wet sponge.

    The ‘BATH Clean’ cleansing scrubber is made of a porous material that works as a sponge.

    They also offer a ‘Breath Cleaner’ that uses a soft scrubber.

    The Bath Crayons are available online and at stores in Israel, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

    The founders are also promoting their products in online communities.

    “We are the only company who offers a product that can clean the entire body and is available in more than 30 countries around the world,” Bar-Shalom said.

    He added that he wants to continue the project in the future, adding that the products are not only suitable for cleaning, but also useful for health.

    Bar Rabin said that he was inspired by the products after he was diagnosed with a disease called cystic fibrosis.

    “My disease has a very difficult and painful time.

    But the crays are so good for the feet,” he explained.

    The owners of the crayanon company have a lot of other products that they hope to release in the near future.

    They are currently working on a new product called the ‘Poo-Bag’ which will be a sponge-like product that is made from a soft sponge.

    It is meant to be available for everyday use and will also be available in the form of a ‘Clean-Up Kit’.

    Bar-Rabin is also in talks with several international companies and has a list of potential partners that includes Coca-Cola, Sony, LG and BMW.

    Aydins father, Aiden Bar-Yishai, said that the founders are working to find a new home for their products.

    “It is amazing that people are interested in their products, but they do not know that they can create something that is good for your health,” he told the media.


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