A brand new article from Forbes magazine offers some practical advice to anyone who’s ever struggled with the decision between wearing a bathing suit and a bathing cap.

    “If you have to go swimming, you want to get in the water with someone,” one of the editors of the publication tells the magazine’s editors.

    “It’s a social experience.

    A friend’s house can’t be far away, and you don’t want to waste time getting on the wrong side of the pool.”

    The magazine is a bit more nuanced, however.

    It suggests people try to avoid getting caught in a swimsuit-wearing frenzy, noting that the idea of wearing one can actually help reduce the risk of contracting an illness.

    “You may not want to go diving, but there are ways to reduce your risk of getting a fever and catching a cold,” the article reads.

    “And if you can, you may want to wear a bathing mask, too.

    You can get rid of those pesky mosquito bites and other problems you may have.”

    The advice is aimed at people who’re already swimming regularly and who feel like they’re constantly being monitored and scrutinised by others.

    But the advice may also appeal to people who’ve recently changed their mind about their bathing habits, but want to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the task of changing into a bathing costume.

    Forbes is a publication that’s not shy about putting its editorial touch on a range of topics.

    Its most recent issue featured a cover that featured a photo of a woman sitting on the toilet, dressed in an extremely revealing swimsuit and a black jacket that showed her legs.

    “The most common thing that people don’t understand is that they don’t actually have to be comfortable in the bathing suit, they can just get comfortable in their own skin,” the magazine says in its article.

    “The bathing suit is for those who need to be at ease in their skin, and the bathing cap is for people who need some extra protection.”

    In addition to the advice about wearing a swimming costume, Forbes also suggests that you don:”Try to avoid wearing a mask to the beach,” it says.

    “Be careful of your surroundings.

    You may need to avoid the beach if you’re going to go to a sporting event.”

    Forbes recommends that people wear a mask at least three to four times a day, in addition to bathing suits.

    “Be aware of your own body odor and other chemicals in the air you’re breathing,” the publication says.

    It advises avoiding touching any object or people that you may feel could have the potential to be inhaled, such as hairballs.


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