A new study shows how bath tissue can be made from the same type of synthetic fibers as toilet paper and other commercial products.

    The research was published in the journal Biofabrication.

    The team from the University of Pennsylvania and the University the City of New York, and funded by the US Department of Energy, used a polymer-based resin that is a common ingredient in the manufacture of toilet paper.

    The researchers were able to create synthetic fibers that were up to six times stronger than those found in commercial products such as tissue paper.

    “We are creating a new kind of polymer that is about five times stronger and up to five times more stable than existing materials,” said the study’s lead author, Anthony Leung.

    The researchers used a synthetic fiber material called PEM-100 to make their bath tissue.

    The PEM 100 is a polymer that mimics the properties of water but is able to be dissolved in water and absorbed through the skin and skin cells.

    The new polymer was also able to dissolve in water when mixed with other chemicals and absorb them as well.

    The polymer is a type of porous polyester made up of water and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), which is used in the construction of products such a body filler and insulation.

    Leung said the researchers are currently working on making the fibers more stable and flexible.

    The research also found that the synthetic fibers also had good mechanical properties and were flexible and able to absorb liquids.

    “These fibers have good properties of elasticity and flexibility,” said Leung, who is also an associate professor of chemistry at the University.

    “The fiber is made up almost entirely of PEM.

    This means that it is relatively lightweight and can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces.”

    The research team was able to produce bath tissue using the PEM fiber.

    The team also found other polymer-free materials that could be used to make the fibers, including a polyester that mimizes the properties found in bath paper.

    The materials that are currently being used in toilet paper are made from PEM fibers and polyester.

    The fibers are made up primarily of water.


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