Patricia Bath’s home in Southport, Devon, was destroyed by fire in March 2016, but the mother of her beloved cat was left devastated by the news.

    Now Patricia Bath has said that the cat’s death was due to the stress of being home alone.

    Patricia Bath said that she is left “sick and tired” after discovering that her cat, called Miss Kitty, died at her new home after the fire.

    Patricia told the Somerset Mercury: “I feel sick and tired, I’ve been through a lot.

    “She didn’t even know.” “

    Patricia Bath, who was home alone for a few days, told the paper that the fire left her “sad and tired”. “

    She didn’t even know.”

    Patricia Bath, who was home alone for a few days, told the paper that the fire left her “sad and tired”.

    She said: “There’s a whole family of cats living here, and I just think they all just got left behind because I couldn’t get her to sleep.”

    I’ve been left with nothing.

    I don’t know how to pay for my own things.

    I think she’ll be sorely missed.” “

    The cat had a lovely life, she had a good time.

    I think she’ll be sorely missed.”

    Patricia said that after Miss Kitty’s death, she spent a lot of time at the vet.

    “Every day I went to the vet, I just got so sick, I felt so bad,” she said.

    “My dog also went to that place too, she wasn’t home, I thought she might have gone out somewhere.”

    Patricia told local newspaper The Devon News: “We’ve had a lot to deal with and the fire has been a bit of a blow.”

    It’s just so sad.

    I feel so sad because I don’ want to lose Miss Kitty.

    “Patricia, who lives with her husband and three children, said that although she felt terrible for the family, the family were “doing well”.

    Patricia said: ‘My mum’s really stressed, she’s not the same, she doesn’t know what to do now.”

    My husband and children are taking care of us, we’re in a lot better place now.

    “Patricia’s daughter, who works at a pet shop, said: ”I’ve got to go back home, she won’t be able to see me anymore.”

    I’ve just got to get on with life and get on, get back to work and start over again.”

    Patricia Bath told local paper The Devon Mercury: ”There’s no doubt that it was the stress that caused her death, but I don`t think I could have survived without her.”

    She was a very caring cat, very gentle and she was a good companion to me.”

    My husband just loves her dearly, he can’t believe he’s left her to die.”

    Patricia continued: “She was the kindest cat I’ve ever had, she would have made the cutest house cat, and she’s left behind.”

    It’s a really sad time, I’m just so heartbroken.”

    Patricia is now looking for a new home, which could include a pet park, a horse and carriage, a small cottage, or a property where she can live out of the house.

    She said that there is a possibility that the new owner may be unable to deal adequately with the cat.


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