When bath water suddenly becomes less salty, it’s not just because it’s being diluted, as many people have speculated.

    The reason is that the water has absorbed salt ions, which have an important role in the body’s ability to repair itself, said Dr. Robert H. Spangler, an oceanographer and a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa who studies salt ions.

    The body uses these ions to repair and restore cells, and they’re thought to play an important part in keeping the body healthy.

    And because the body doesn’t produce as many of these ions as it once did, it can absorb them more easily.

    It’s like having a fresh sponge bath that you use more frequently.

    As the body repairs itself, it uses this salt to make more new cells.

    That’s how your cells become more healthy.

    The idea is that when the body uses less of these salts, it makes a more efficient repair of its own cells, said Spangler.

    “It’s the kind of system we’ve never really understood,” he said.

    And that’s where scientists have been puzzled for years.

    How can the body keep making so much salt while not actually producing enough of these minerals?

    One theory is that this process of salt uptake happens through the membrane of the gut, a structure made of cells and membranes that contains about a million of the minerals.

    The cells also make up a kind of membrane called the peristaltic zone, where the bacteria and other microbes live.

    The bacteria can move the salts through the perisic zone and get rid of them, but it’s a tricky process, according to Spangler and other researchers.

    “The more you’re getting rid of the salts, the less likely it is that you’re going to get enough salt,” said Spanglers co-author, Professor Robert J. Spangler, Ph.

    D., who is a professor in the Department of Oceanography at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service.

    And the more salts that get released from the gut and into the body, the more difficult it is to get rid.

    “We don’t have the information on the amount of salt coming from the intestines and the liver to be able to say with any confidence whether it’s going to be in sufficient quantity to repair damaged cells,” Spangler said.

    This is one of the reasons the body makes a lot of salt.

    But scientists have known for decades that some of the same minerals found in the gut are also found in water.

    For example, the pH of the blood, the amount dissolved in water and how quickly it moves around the body can all affect how much salt is being released from body cells.

    The process of how these minerals move from the body to the cells is called “dissociation,” and it happens all the time, even when we don’t want to think about it.

    When you eat food, it changes the chemical makeup of the food, making it taste more acidic.

    When we wash our hands, we change the chemical composition of the body in the process.

    The salt that comes out of the intestine also changes.

    But the exact mechanisms that work in the liver are not well understood.

    So when we’re thinking about how the body keeps making so many salt, it becomes important to understand how these processes work in detail, Spangler told National Geographic.

    “So we have a very simple idea of what the body does, but we don�t have a lot more information on how it works,” he added.

    Understanding the process is also important because, if scientists know how to improve the efficiency of the process of dissociation, they might be able improve the ability of people to recover from illnesses such as diabetes or cancer, said Professor Spangler of NOAA.

    It could also help researchers develop drugs that are more effective at removing salt from the environment.

    Spanger said it’s unlikely that scientists will ever be able “to eliminate all the salt from our environment,” but if they can find ways to remove the salts and other minerals from the blood stream, they could reduce the risk of some chronic illnesses, such as hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol.

    “If you get a certain level of salt in the blood and you have some of these other problems that people have, that would be a good indicator that you might be getting something else,” Spangels said.

    He said he hopes to publish a paper on the subject sometime next year.

    For now, he and his colleagues are just trying to figure out how to understand the processes and how the salt works.

    They’re also trying to understand whether the body actually needs salt to repair its own body.

    “There are so many different types of minerals, and all of them need to be working together,” Spanger added.

    “And the body is only going to do this because it has enough salt, and we don?t understand what the process behind it is.”


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