When I walked into the Japanese bathhouse of the White Bather House in Brooklyn, New York, I was not surprised that a crowd of white bathing-suit-wearing women sat in a circle and waited to take a shower, though I had no idea that the place was being converted into a spa.

    The owner of the white bath house, a woman named Natsuki Nakajima, who has worked in the spa business for more than a decade, told me that the trend of white bath suits is being popular in the United States.

    Nakajimas business is called White Bouncy Baths, and she told me she sees her business as a natural fit for the trend.

    “When we first opened, I saw that people were interested in white bathing, and I wanted to cater to that,” she said.

    “We’ve had so many people that were interested and looking for a white bath and it seemed like a fun way to get in there and do some self-care.” “

    White bathing suits are becoming a bit of a trend these days,” she added.

    “We’ve had so many people that were interested and looking for a white bath and it seemed like a fun way to get in there and do some self-care.”

    Nakajime explained that her business is based in the same building where the American flag once flew, and that it started in the late 1970s.

    “It started with me and a few other white people, and then it became the white bathing house,” she told TIME.

    The White Boys’ and Girls’ Bath Spa in Los Angeles, California.

    When Nakajma opened her business, she didn’t want to have to cater for the white-skinned population of the United Kingdom.

    “At the time, people didn’t really have that many choices when it came to bathing,” she explained.

    “And the more white people came, the more they would buy.

    And so that’s why we’ve had a few customers in the past, and they’ve been really nice.”

    Nakas mother, a Japanese American, also started her own business, the White Boys’ Bathhouse, in the 1950s.

    After she died in 2005, Nakajimes son, who now works for a Japanese company, opened his own bath house in Los Santos, California, in 2010.

    The location of the Los Angeles location, called the Japanese Bathhouse (which means “white bath” in Japanese), is one of the few locations in the country that doesn’t have a Japanese-sounding name.

    In Japan, it’s called “Kōryū” (White Bath), but in America, the word is pronounced “Kosu” (Bath).

    It’s also one of a handful of places in the U.S. that don’t have an Asian name.

    White Bodies is a new business, and it’s set to open in Los Vegas in the summer of 2019.

    The company, which will be called “White Bodies” (Japanese for “white bodies”), is located in a former bath house that used to house a large, indoor pool.

    The white-clad men in the photos in the white towel room are members of a Japanese bathing club.

    (Courtesy of White Bayers) When I asked Nakajimi about her business’ appeal, she said that it has a very unique look.

    “The bathing suits we make are white, so it has that unique feel,” she revealed.

    “But the bathing suits also have the power of making you feel like you’re a part of the family, and so it’s also very calming.”

    The women in the bathhouse have the ability to control the amount of water they use, and the amount they get.

    “A lot of white women don’t know how to use a shower or a bathtub,” Nakajimura told TIME, “so they’re really looking for ways to help.”

    “We do it in such a way that we can feel like we’re part of that family,” she continued.

    “You can feel a part in the family.”

    “White Baths” has already made waves in the Japanese community.

    In June, Nakas business owner and her husband opened their own Japanese bath and spa in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

    In addition to the business’ spa, the couple opened a private club for men who want to “make Japanese friends” and a “shower room” for men and women who want a “pure” experience.

    The owners also started a Japanese language training center in Tokyo, where they teach Japanese to Japanese-speaking students.

    “So, we’re going to be able to create Japanese language classes for students in Japan,” Nakaji said.

    While the White Baths’ Japanese-looking business is going well, Nakagas mother has her doubts about its appeal in the West.

    “There are some people who don’t want white bathing,” Nakas mom told TIME of the trend in the Western world.

    “They don’t like white people and they


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