Posted March 06, 2020 12:29:25 A new baby is in the care of a grandmother and mother in Victoria’s inner west.

    It all started when the grandmother decided to give her daughter a bath.

    “I was in the shower, she just looked like a little baby,” the grandmother told ABC Radio Melbourne.

    “She had the towel wrapped around her waist, the towel in her mouth and her arms.”

    And then the towel came off and she looked like her little body had just been put into the tub.

    “It was just an absolute mess.”

    The grandmother was shocked.

    “When I saw her, I thought she was a bit odd and not a very good mother,” she said.

    “But it wasn’t until she was sitting in my lap that I realised she was autistic.”

    The moment she got into my lap, she was so calm.

    She didn’t react.

    She just sat there, as if nothing was wrong.

    “When she asked her granddaughter if she had autism, the toddler looked at her and said, “Yes, it’s just me.

    “The mother’s son took her to the hospital and when the child was assessed, the baby was found to have autism spectrum disorder.”

    As I was examining the child, I realised I didn’t have autism,” the mother said.

    The toddler was given the same diagnosis as the grandmother.”

    He was very intelligent, he had a good personality, he could be playful, he liked to make friends,” the woman said.

    While her daughter was being assessed at a hospital, the mother decided to take her to see the store.”

    That’s when I realised that was my baby,” she recalled.”

    After that, I didn`t feel any anxiety or anything at all.

    “The baby was put into a crib, put into its own carrier and the grandmother and her husband were able to take it home.”

    Our first thought was, ‘this is a good start, let’s see how she responds,'” the grandmother said.

    She said the baby’s behaviour was very much like the mother and the toddler’s.”

    We just thought it was a normal toddler that was just learning, but we were very, very worried about her.

    “While she was watching the baby in the incubator, the grandmother noticed something was wrong.”

    One minute, she looks very calm, then she just started crying and was very, extremely upset,” she explained.”

    There was no words, just sobs and she just stopped breathing.

    “My husband had to go outside to get the baby to breathe.”

    “It’s hard to put into words what it feels like,” the wife said.

    Ms Smith said it was one of the worst days of her life.

    “What I did not expect was to be so overwhelmed,” she added.

    “Then we had to get into the car and take her home and I think we drove through that, and we were so worried.”

    “We drove home and thought, ‘oh, my God, she’s gone.'”‘

    The child has been there for weeks’After the baby had been put in a carrier, the grandparents decided to move the baby out of the house and into their bedroom.

    “They took her out and we looked after her for a couple of days,” Ms Smith said.

    “She was still very anxious and I felt that she was in a lot of trouble, so I just thought she would be fine.”

    The woman said the toddler had also been put through a few different interventions at the hospital.

    She said she felt relieved that the baby didn’t need to be put into an incubator.

    “Her personality was different, she didn’t like being put into incubators and that was very comforting,” Ms Wood said.

    When the mother asked her husband if he had noticed any changes in the child since the baby left, the husband said he hadn’t noticed anything.

    “To be honest, I don’t think I’ve noticed a change,” he said.

    Despite the positive results, the woman still felt she had made a mistake.

    “This has been a huge mistake,” she told ABC News.

    “If she hadn’t gone through the hospital, she probably would have had a different life.”

    “There’s a lot more work to be done, we’re working on all of her needs, she needs to get a good crib, she should be able to go out to play and she should have an education.”

    Hopefully, it won’t be a bad place to live.



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