China’s Maternity Bath Cushion has a price tag of $50 and is currently only available online in Mandarin, the language spoken by the majority of Chinese.

    The product is also available in English in a limited number of stores in the country. 

    According to a recent Chinese consumer report, more than 80% of the respondents who had ordered the Maternity Wash in the past month were Chinese women who had not previously purchased maternity clothing in China.

    The new Maternity Cushions are made from an elastomer material, and feature a plastic cover that is removable.

    The covers have two side pockets that are used to store a towel, a pillow, and other items, as well as an internal compartment to store items like underwear and socks.

    The new product is currently available in select China-based stores.

    Chinese women who purchase a Maternity wash will also be able to customize it according to their preferences.

    In China, there are a wide variety of maternity products available.

    While there are no official data on the number of Chinese women buying maternity clothing online, a study by the Women’s Association of China (WAIC) found that a total of 4,638,821 Chinese women purchased maternity clothes online in the first quarter of 2017.

    According the WAIC, the majority were from households where there were at least two parents, and the majority purchased maternity apparel in the Beijing, Beijing, Zhuhai, and Tianjin metropolitan areas.

    China’s Maternal Clothing Market in 2020 While China’s market for maternity clothing is expected to grow to around $4.8 billion by 2020, it is expected that the market for women’s clothing will expand further to reach around $20 billion by 2021.


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