Kohls will be launching a line of “bikini bathing suits” on Friday, March 10, 2019, as part of a campaign to “show off our brand’s fresh and contemporary designs,” the brand’s senior vice president of brand management said in a statement.

    The products, which include a white bikini with black stripes, will retail for $249.99, or $69.99 after $10 off the full retail price.

    The line is a collaboration between Kohls and The Kohl’s Team, and will be available exclusively at Kohls.com.

    “Bikini bathing suit is a way for us to celebrate Kohls uniqueness, creativity, and our passion for beauty,” Kohls co-founder and CEO Carl Kiehn said in the statement.

    “We are excited to partner with The Kohls Team to make this unique line available to our customers.”

    Kohls has been teasing its next batch of bikini-clad swimwear since last summer.

    In March, Kohls unveiled a pair of new “Busty Bodies” bathing suits in black and white.

    In May, the brand unveiled a line in white and black with a white “skirt” and a black “busty body” with a similar silhouette.

    On Tuesday, the company announced its second new line in black with stripes.

    The new line will be sold at Kohls stores starting at $59.99.

    “For a long time, we’ve been looking for ways to showcase our brand,” Kohl, the No. 2-ranked U.S. luxury fashion retailer, said in its statement.

    Kohls is not the only luxury brand looking to appeal to a millennial audience, with Gap and Givenchy launching similar products last year.

    Both brands are targeting a younger demographic, with Kohls saying it has “been in the forefront of creating products that celebrate the most iconic brands” in the fashion industry.

    Kohl also announced a collaboration with Urban Outfitters last year, in which it created a line called “bluestuff” that was inspired by a trend popularized by the American fashion industry known as “boho chic.”

    “The trend has been about a lot of different things, but for the last few years, we have seen a lot more women embracing the bold, bold colors that are associated with the boho aesthetic,” Kiehns said.

    “This new line is the perfect way for Kohls to celebrate the bold colors of our brand and make sure that women of all shapes and sizes can embrace our bold silhouettes.”


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