The term “bibimbop” (also spelled “bicimbop”) has come to mean a biscuit-like dish made from biscuits and mashed potatoes.

    The phrase is a catch-all for anything that comes from Australia, and for some people, the concept is seen as a little bit weird.

    “You know it’s a bibiscuit and not a French bicimbap, but you also know that’s the same thing,” Mr Wilson says.

    “So, I think that it’s sort of taken over.”

    But the phrase does have a history of being used as a slur, even before it was even a word.

    In 2007, a chef at the Australian National University named Robert Hockney described the dish as a “biche au biciche”, a reference to the French biche de cachet.

    In 2013, a former Sydney-based chef told The New York Times that he had been referred to as a biche au “bisker” (biscuits and gravy) by a waitress at a Melbourne restaurant.

    But Mr Wilson believes it’s the name that makes it more inclusive.

    “I think it’s an important term, it’s not something that comes up in the conversation in the same way as, say, ‘biscotti’,” he says.

    The word “bish” is not a British pronunciation of “bir” in English, so it is not an accepted term in the UK.

    But it does mean a person with a strong, thin chin and a thin nose, which is also a feature of some Asian cultures.

    The term is also used in the US as an insult.

    In Australia, however, it is rarely used in polite conversation.

    “It is quite rare to use it in a conversation,” Mr Hockey says.


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