New research suggests the smell of a bath can change your mood.

    Turkish bath towel maker Pajaman has designed a system to reduce the amount of odour.

    Pajaman is a company that makes bath towels for customers in Turkey, and has produced more than a thousand of them in the last two years.

    The company says that its bath towels are made using “organic ingredients” and are free of any chemicals or preservatives.

    It’s not just the scent that is different though.

    Pajamas can be made with a variety of colours and textures.

    “We’ve also introduced a whole new dimension of beauty with the inclusion of natural colours and patterns,” Mr Pajamans CEO, Yildiz Akdogan, told The Sunday Times.

    Aydogan says Pajama’s customers enjoy the change of smell and the naturalness of the products.

    They are more comfortable, they have more energy and they feel refreshed when they use the product.

    According to Pajame’s founder, Yevgeniy Tishchev, this has a profound impact on the mood.

    “People come back from the spa or a restaurant feeling better and more relaxed, and we have seen a rise in the number of spa clients who are now using our products,” he said.

    Some of the latest products are made from organic materials, including natural plant extracts, including pineapple, rosemary and mint.

    Tishchev says Pajaaman is trying to create a better bath experience by making products that are organic and sustainable.

    With the arrival of the Chinese market, he said, Pajampamas will become more popular.

    Mr Tishkov says the company is working with local manufacturers and retailers to help them compete with China.

    One of the key challenges for Pajamon is the price.

    When it launched in Turkey in 2012, Pajaama was selling the towels for about $10, but recently it’s been dropping the price by about $5.

    For more information, visit the company’s website or Facebook page.


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