I’ve got my own version of a baby shower.

    For toddlers and young kids, I usually use a big, fluffy bathtub that has a crib attached.

    It’s not really a bird bath, though, because you’re not getting any water out of it.

    Instead, I use a bathtub with a built-in crib.

    I use a baby bathtub to wash the baby and then I wash my clothes before putting them away.

    The best part?

    I don’t have to clean up after myself.

    You can also use a similar design to a bath for toddlers with smaller or bigger children.

    Read more about infant bath designs.

    If you want to use a bird cage for your bath, here are some ideas for toddler-friendly designs:Here are some baby shower ideas for toddlers:Here’s a cribbed birdbath with a crib.

    It’s a great way to soak up all the water in your bathtub and bathtub without putting anything in it.

    If a crib is just what you need, check out this toddler bath with crib design.

    Baby bath with a bath bed.

    It has a big tub, a crib and lots of space for toys.

    Here’s another cribbed baby shower with a bed.

    This baby shower has a bath, a shower and a crib to help with washing the baby.

    How about this baby shower?

    Baby shower with bathtub.

    It can also be used as a crib for toddlers.

    If you’ve got a baby who doesn’t like to bath, this baby bath is perfect for them.

    There’s a cute baby shower for toddlers here.

    Watch out, you’ll have to wash your clothes, too.


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