When it rained in Australia’s major cities, the weather bureau had to keep the rain out of public view.

    And when the mercury hit 10C at the weekend, the Bureau of Meteorology’s office in Hobart was flooded with phone calls from concerned residents worried the weather would affect their properties.

    But it’s not the rain that has caused the biggest problems.

    When it does rain, the rainfall is more likely to affect people’s properties.

    And that means more people have to cope with the heat.

    “There’s been an increase in the number of people who have lost their homes because they’ve got to pay for a roof, or have had to pay to have a fire lit on their property, and they can’t get a fire to burn off their property,” Hobart’s chief executive Peter Laidlaw told news.com.au.

    “It’s been quite a heavy burden.”

    What is a heatwave?

    Heatwaves are a common occurrence around the world.

    But Australia has one that has been particularly unusual.

    Heatwaves can be defined as periods of high temperature and high humidity.

    “People get sick because they’re stressed and they’re dehydrated,” Dr Laidwa said.

    “They get dehydrated because they can get hot and they just get tired.”

    That’s when heat can become more severe and cause more serious problems for people.

    The heatwave that struck Hobart and Hobart Airport on March 26, 2018 was particularly intense and resulted in a heat wave that lasted for more than 12 hours.

    The Hobart fire chief described the heatwave as “unusual”.

    “I’ve never seen a heatwaves like this before in my time,” he said.

    Hobart had been experiencing a heat spike for several months and on the weekend the heat reached 12C.

    “We saw temperatures that reached 13C,” Mr Laidwallas said.

    The airport was closed from March 25 to April 2.

    Hobarts city hall has been overwhelmed by calls for help from concerned citizens concerned about heatwave conditions.

    “The heatwave affected about 50,000 people,” Mr Dennison said.

    While some people who were evacuated had been able to return to work, many of the people in Hobbs community had lost their home.

    “Some of those people had been at work and they were unable to return home because they had heat exhaustion,” Mr Sartori said.

    Many homes had been damaged and some businesses had closed their doors.

    People were advised to keep an eye on their heating appliances to make sure they don’t catch on fire.

    Hobbs’ mayor, Dr Richard Sartorias, said residents were told to be prepared to face the heat in their homes.

    “Hobbs is a town that has a very warm climate.

    There are a lot of people here, we don’t have many heatwaves,” he told newscom.com, but warned residents to be cautious of their own homes.

    Hobbys Mayor Richard Sartyias said the heatwaves that struck the city on March 25-26 were particularly intense.

    “I was in my office in my house and I thought that was the best temperature I’ve ever seen in Hobbins,” he wrote on Twitter.

    “Had to close doors, pay for water, pay to get a roof in place.”

    Heatwave: What is it?

    Hobbs has a hot, humid climate.

    People get sick from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

    Hobbies mayor Richard SARTORIAS: I’ve never been to Hobbays heatwave before.

    It’s very hot.

    But I’m also worried about heat exhaustion.

    We have an increase of heat exhaustion cases in the last few weeks.

    “But the heat that Hobbs experienced was unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

    What caused the heat?

    The Bureau of Weather and Climate said it’s possible the heat wave was caused by a large volcanic eruption in Tasmania’s north-east.

    But Mr Sartyis said the volcano was too small to have caused much damage.

    Hobbiz mayor Richard Dennisons, left, and Hobbs fire chief Peter Littoral, right, said people should be aware of the heat waves.

    Hobbes city hall was overwhelmed by phone calls for heatwave help.

    “What’s important is that the heat is kept out of Hobbs, and it’s got to be done right,” he added.

    “That means we have to be careful in the heat.”

    Hobbs was hit by two major volcanic eruptions during a five-day heatwave in 2017.

    On the weekend Hobbs had two hot and humid days.

    “Our city has a large population of people, so we have a lot more heat-related problems than Hobbs,” Mr Friesen said.

    But he said heatwave warnings are still in place.

    “As long as there’s no change to the temperature, it’s OK,” he explained.

    “You should be able to go out


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