It’s not a new idea for a bathing suit to be optional for men, but for women it’s not the norm.

    “A lot of women feel that they want to be nude in their bathing suits,” said Melissa Miller, a health and wellness coach in North Carolina.

    But for women who like the feeling of being naked, she recommends getting one of the more luxurious ones.

    “If you’re a man who likes a lot of physical contact with women, or you’re someone who likes to go nude with friends and family, a bikini might be the way to go,” Miller said.

    “It’s a little more luxurious, and there’s nothing like feeling like you’re actually being exposed to someone.”

    But not everyone wants to get in the nude.

    For some, it’s an opportunity to have their body exposed.

    “I’m very sensitive to my body,” said Lisa Williams, a senior at North Carolina State University.

    “And it feels so weird to be exposed.”

    So, she decided to get a skimpy bathing suit for her boyfriend.

    “We’ve been in this situation a couple times and we never really liked it,” she said.

    But Williams said the feeling she gets when she wears it is much more than just naked.

    “This is actually a beautiful feeling, because my body is completely covered by a bathing cap,” she added.

    “That’s really liberating.”

    Some believe that men’s bodies are more sensitive than women’s, which makes it harder to get into the nude while on vacation.

    And the fact that it can be difficult to get one right the first time is one of its biggest drawbacks, Miller said, explaining that she does recommend wearing a bathing costume while traveling.

    But she added that men have to be extra careful about wearing the same bathing suit over and over again, and they have to know the best way to wear one.

    “Men don’t wear bathing suits because they’re concerned about whether they’re going to be able to get undressed by the women they’re bathing with,” she explained.

    “They’re worried about whether the water is going to catch on their body or whether it’s going to rub their skin against their body.

    And women don’t care about whether their clothes are going to get caught on the clothes they’re wearing.”

    It’s also important to keep in mind that the only reason you can get a bath without going into the pool or the spa is because of the fact you have to pay for the privilege, Miller added.

    You also have to go through security, which is why Miller advises that men do not wear any type of swimsuit while traveling, because they don’t want to get harassed or assaulted while swimming.

    But even if you’re not going to the pool, there are plenty of ways to get naked while on the beach.

    There’s also no shame in it, because most men are not afraid of being seen.

    And there are lots of beaches where you can go naked without being noticed.

    “The thing that makes this so uncomfortable is that it’s a real physical act,” said Miller.

    “You have to touch yourself, and you have the fear of being rejected, of people saying, ‘What are you doing naked?””


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