You can make bath bombs out of food, which means you don’t need to buy expensive food processors to make them.

    The food processor you use should be able to handle large batches of food.

    Food processors are not the only ones you should consider.

    If you’re making a batch of 10 or 20 bath bombs a day, you’ll need a food blender, a food dehydrator and a food mill.

    Food processor: If you want to make a batch, just fill the container with water and heat it for a minute.

    Add the water and the food processor and the lid will pop off.

    This is the simplest method, but it takes a lot of patience and patience is rewarded with a delicious product.

    For more on food processors, check out our Food Processor Guide.

    Food dehydrator: Put the food you want in a dehydrator with water, salt and pepper.

    This makes it easier to keep track of the food.

    Add water to the dehydrator, mix it well and put it in the fridge to freeze.

    You can also use an ice cube tray, but that’s a bit more complicated and you might not want to bother.

    Food mill: If the food is too large to use a food-grade food processor, use a blender or food dehydator.

    For large batches, the food dehydrer can be used to speed things up.

    To speed things along, make your batch smaller and fill the containers with food.

    Mix the food, place in the food-processing machine, turn on the food machine and then add the liquid.

    The product should be thick and gooey.

    If the product is too thin, you can add a little bit more liquid to it.

    Food-grade dehydrator (also known as food-processed food): If you’ve already made the bath bombs with a food processing machine, you’re ready to use the food mill for making the bath bomb mold.

    Place the food in the water-reheating food mill and turn it on.

    Pour out a little of the water.

    Add salt and some pepper and mix it all up.

    This recipe works well if you have a food and salt water bath, as the food water will be just about all you need.

    Add some food-safe baking powder and mix the mixture up.

    Add a little more water and mix all the ingredients together.

    Add more water to it and mix.

    If it’s not all mixed up, add some more water.

    It should go together.

    Pour in the mixture and pour it out.

    Fill the water containers and freeze.

    Keep the freezer container closed and set it on the counter to prevent the bath from freezing.

    Food machine: Make the bath-bomb mold out of something like a food thermometer.

    Place it in a water bath.

    When it’s frozen, place it in an ice-cold microwave for a few minutes.

    The thermometer should read 170°F or higher.

    It will take about five minutes for the mold to get completely solidified.

    Put the mold in the freezer to harden it, about an hour.

    You’ll want to keep it at room temperature to prevent any condensation from forming.


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