The world has never been more divided over breastfeeding, but one of the most divisive questions in the world of modern motherhood is what to do with the baby’s milk.

    Baby’s first breast is a very important part of the equation, but how to get the milk to the right place is a complex and emotional question.

    It is often asked, “What is my milk really worth?”

    For some, it is an intangible asset, something that is “for sale” to be bartered for.

    For others, it will be the most valuable gift you can give your baby.

    Some women find the answer to this question to be found in the word, “good”.

    While other mothers may find this question overwhelming, a baby’s first milk is an invaluable part of a mother’s “good life”.

    It will give your child confidence, help him grow and feel better.

    If you do not have a milk bank account, you can also consider giving away your milk, giving away some to a family member or giving it away to strangers.

    The importance of good milk is well-known, but the good life is not always easy to find.

    We have all heard the saying, “Good milk does more good than bad”.

    I have had mothers give me bad milk.

    They gave me bad water and bad air, bad diapers, and bad food.

    But the good part of milk is that it does good things for your baby and makes him happy.

    You can make a difference for your child’s health and well-being by helping your baby breastfeed.

    I love my baby.

    I love that he is in a world full of pain.

    I like that he has good instincts and can smell my body.

    I really do.

    And I like to share this with my baby so that he can see how much I love him.


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