Posted August 16, 2018 11:30:31A cat’s bathtub has become the centre of a bizarre controversy after a woman in the Victorian town of Tameside accused it of being a “potentially dangerous” product.

    Key points:Cat bathtub manufacturer Catbath has been contacted by Melbourne residents who claim it could be a dangerous product, with concerns over potential safetyCatbath says it has been asked to remove its product from the streets and remove its trademark from the internetCatbath CEO Robyn McLean told the ABC it has received no complaints about the product.

    “I’ve had complaints from people who’ve bought the product, and it’s been removed from our website, and we’ve received no feedback at all,” Ms McLean said.

    Ms McLean, who owns the cat bath manufacturer Cat Bath in Tamesides, has also been contacted for comment.

    She said the product had been sold to customers in the town of Kew, about 150 kilometres east of Melbourne, but she had not been able to track down those who had purchased the product locally.

    Ms McMillan said the company had not received any complaints about it from residents in the area.

    “We’ve never heard of anybody getting a cat in the bathtub, but we’ve had a few people say they’ve had cats in the cat’s cat bathtub,” she said.

    “It’s been very, very common, and I’ve heard a couple of people say, ‘I’d love to have a cat but it’s a dangerous thing’.”

    Ms Mclean said Cat Bath had not had any customers complain about the cat tub, but that they would not like it removed from the street.

    “If we had had any complaints, we would have taken them down,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

    “The product is very, large, it’s very heavy and it has a metal cover, so we’ve got a safety concern there, but I think people have a right to expect that we’re going to do everything we can to make sure the product is safe.”

    Cat Bath CEO Robys McLean says there was no evidence to suggest the product was dangerous, but there was a risk to people using itThe company said the cat toilet was manufactured in New Zealand, which has a ban on cat litter in some homes.

    Cat Bath said it had received a letter from the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (VEPA) about the “potential risk to the public and the environment” of the cat bathroom product, which is made of a mixture of calcium carbonate and aluminium.

    Catbath said the VEPA had asked it to remove the product from its website, but Ms Mclean told the BBC the company was not “going to be in the position of saying we’re not going to remove it.”

    “We have received no contact from VEPa or any other government agency,” she added.

    “They’re very concerned, and they’re saying, ‘Please, get it removed, please’.”

    Cat Bath is also concerned about the safety of the product on the streets, where it is believed there could be many potential sources of infection.

    Ms MacLean said the products website was still up, and that it had not yet received any comments.

    Cat bath product owner Robyn McMillans cat bathroom is pictured in this photograph taken in the Catskills, New Zealand.

    Cat bathroom owners have been sharing their experiences of cat baths on social media and Ms McLean said she had also been receiving emails from people complaining about the quality of the products, but would not give details.

    “There is a lot of misinformation out there, and there’s a lot that people are not telling people to do,” she explained.

    “You’re not necessarily going to find a cat that is in a cat bath, but you’re definitely going to have cats in a dog bath, in a bath that has been washed, or in a hot tub, and you’re certainly going to see a lot in the washing machine.”

    Ms McLeane said that Cat Bath’s business was in a difficult spot.

    “As a business, we’ve been struggling for a while,” she stated.

    “People are looking for things that are cheaper, they’re looking for products that are more eco-friendly, and in the case of our products, it is the opposite.”

    Cat bath has been marketed around the world for centuries and cat owners have created their own version in different parts of the world.

    However, cat owners in Australia are still concerned about whether their cat is safe in the product after an Australian woman was found dead in her bathtub after it had been used as a toilet.

    Cat owners have said they would prefer to have their pets outside in their cat’s area, but are still uncomfortable with using a cat toilet in their home.

    “This is something that has a lot to do with the history of the city of Melbourne itself,”


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